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Development of new materials from post-consumer tennis ball waste
Sustainaballs, 2024

Did you know that between 50,000 and 70,000 tennis balls are discarded for the final draw of tournaments such as the Roland-Garros alone? Despite the fact that there are means to recondition them, there comes a point when they become completely useless.


We are working with SustainaBalls to find a way out of this waste. But, a small spoiler: they will never be tennis balls again.


Tennis balls, composed of rubber and polyamide fibres, present a recycling challenge due to the technical complexity and high cost of trying to recycle these materials separately. That is why we are looking for a more efficient alternative: open loop recycling.


Let's think about the technical and aesthetic possibilities that this new material offers us and let's promote a world where sport and sustainability go hand in hand.


Project subsidised by ACCIÓ

pelotas tenis.jpg
material_pelotas tenis_9.jpg
material_pelotas tenis_18.jpg
material_pelotas tenis_10_cambiocolor.jpg
placas_material_pelotas tenis_19.jpg
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