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Post-consumer cork recycling.
Takeback system, technology and product

Barnacork, 2019

Cork as a material is incredible and is one of our musts in the selection process, but what about as waste? Well, another must. And for us the example of integration of the circular economy and the common good through design.

While the main manufacturer in our country raised a business concern such as: "we need to guarantee the supply of cork regardless of fluctuations in raw materials and we are thinking that recycling could be the solution", Lluis Morón, businessman and philanthropist He told us: “Do you think that people without resources could make a living collecting all the piles of cork stoppers that are thrown away in restaurants?”. From the response to these two concerns, a project with an ecological, social and design aspect was born.


Parallel to the installation of the manufacturing waste collection systems, cork waste crushing and particle reagglomeration to obtain new materials, the Aflote association has been launched, which employs people without resources to collect corks in restaurants, hotels and other entities open to the public. 

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bodegon tres pasos reciclaje tapon corcho
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