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Materialization of the LAUS awards
ADG FAD, 2020

The Laus Awards are the most prestigious awards for visual communication in our country, organized by the ADG FAD for the past 50 years. To celebrate this milestone, they decided to rematerialize the trophy with an ecological focus, demonstrating the organization's commitment to the sustainability of the profession.

The design of the trophy was created by Tomás Vellvé and has remained unchanged since 1950, although it has been produced in various materials over the years, such as brass, acrylic, or even silicone. For this new phase, our response to the commission was to materialize it using recycled plastics as a responsible material that embodies the spirit of our time. The ADG board, in an act of courage and honesty, gave us carte blanche to continue with the development, which lasted nearly a year of technical and aesthetic exploration until achieving a finish that is as surprising as it is perfectly imperfect, representing gold, silver, the Grand Laus, and the Laus of Honor clearly.

Once it's done, it may seem easy, but the relationship between form, process, and material defies all logic, and close collaboration with the manufacturer and the artistic direction of the board, led by Dani Ayuso, were essential throughout the process.

detalle trofeo rectangular bicolor bronce premios laus plástico reciclado
detalle gravado trofeo rectangular bicolor oro premios laus plástico reciclado
seis trofeos premios laus diferentes colores
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