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Development of post-consumer recycled plastic board
Internal R&D, 2022

Materials are designed. They may not be drawn like products, but through an understanding of manufacturing processes, material properties, and their interaction with people, we have successfully created a unique industrialized recycled material. This material consists of a 1.2 x 1-meter board entirely composed of post-consumer plastic waste, primarily sourced from yellow container packaging. It boasts a deplasticized aesthetic and mechanical properties suitable for use in wall coverings, furniture, and everyday products.

During the development process, we considered both adaptability to various usage scenarios and production efficiency. We can offer an almost limitless range of finishes, with flame resistance, UV resistance, and cost competitiveness within the market. Our production capacity reaches 100 square meters per day.

persona levanta tablero plástico reciclado gris newNew
pellets de plástico reciclado tres colores gris blanco negro
maquina extrusión plástico reciclado proceso tablero newNew
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