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Application of an innovative cork-based material for shower trays
Cosmic, 2018

To make one more shower tray, we better not do anything that the market is already saturated.


A disruptive attitude as a starting point for the development of R&D that would make it possible to create the most innovative and naturalized bathroom experience possible. With the aim of proposing a new sensory dimension to the shower, a composite of cork and nitrile rubber, resistant to humidity and non-slip, is introduced. The possibilities of finishing and colorimetry were experimented with in order to cover the design scenarios required by the brand. The non-slip and safety requirements were achieved to guarantee the maximum safety of the product.  But on the other hand, we were not able to pass the tests of the non-compulsory standard for this type of product, but which, on the other hand, are generally claimed by the contract sector, and the product did not go ahead.

plato ducha material composite corcho en baño
test pruebas materiales
tres muestras material composite corcho gama de colores
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