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Dynamic Growth, 2018

Levistand is a triangular-shaped hanging hammock designed primarily for outdoor use, developed by Dynamic Growth. Due to its success, the client requested that we design and develop a stand to allow the hammock to be set up without the need for preexisting pillars, trees, or other elements. In other words, they wanted a base that would enable users to enjoy the hammock in any location. The first decision we made, given the non-domestic dimensions of the original product, was to propose the use of the reduced version (hexagonal).

From there, a series of technical parameters were defined, including local manufacturing, the use of existing tools, standard alloys, compact packaging, and easy assembly and disassembly.

With all these constraints in mind, the most efficient approach to the product was through CAE simulation. We analyzed both elastic deformation and the breaking index of various alternatives, and to our delight, we discovered that the most efficient solution was also the most aesthetically pleasing.

Levistand hamaca colgante geometría hexagonal
patas tubo metal doblado estructura hamaca Levistand
detalle hamaca Levistand
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