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Development of a recycled injection plastic for technical lighting
Lamp, 2021

The development of a recycled plastic (90%) material for a flush-mounted and surface-mounted downlight for indoor applications is a significant achievement. This material is enriched with non-brominated flame retardants to meet the UL94 V0 regulation. Since the flame retardant is non-toxic, it not only improves the health and safety of workers but also ensures that the product is recyclable, as it is not considered hazardous waste. This makes it the first of its kind in its category.

One of the primary challenges in injection molding of technical products with recycled plastic is the variation in material batches, which can result in a range of properties and potential production defects. To address this issue, a protocol has been established to accommodate variations in the factory, taking into account injection parameters, composition, and formulation adjustments. This ensures consistent quality and performance in the production process.

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escama residuos plástico postconsumo nevera
muestras aplique lampara empotrable techo plástico reciclado postconsumo nevera
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