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Guide to sustainability and selection of materials for the workspace
Tous, 2021

In collaboration with Elisava Research, we participated in the project for the rehabilitation of the TOUS central headquarters. As part of a multidisciplinary team consisting of architects, user experience experts, and wellbeing specialists, our role focused on creating sustainability guidelines and material selection.

The project was structured into three areas that we worked on collaboratively and cohesively to define, through research, the best project in terms of human well-being, reduced environmental impact during construction, and enhanced usability and aesthetics. Ricardo Guasch and Pep Wengsberg led the interior design project, while Ricard Ferrer handled the furniture design. We contributed a material selection that was tailored to the different project areas, ensuring a holistic and sustainable approach to the rehabilitation project.

reforma sede empresa Tous sala común sofa y plantas
ficha materiales para reforma diseño de espacio sede Tous
mano coje muestra plástico reciclado confetti de muestrario materiales
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