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Development of an extruded recycled plastic for technical lighting
Lamp, 2021

This project focuses on the introduction of recycled plastics into the technical lighting products of the brand. With the aim of scaling up improvements across the entire product catalog, efforts have been concentrated on two products that generate the highest revenue for the company and also represent the two main product types: downlights and linear luminaires.

The primary challenge in transitioning to the use of plastics and recycled plastics in electrical and electronic products is the need to incorporate flame retardants to comply with regulations.

For effective rematerialization, an integrated CAD/CAE/LCA methodology is applied to support decision-making, ensuring that the use of recycled material is technically sufficient and environmentally beneficial. This approach ensures that the transition to recycled plastics in lighting products meets both performance and regulatory requirements.

lampara colgante lineal Fil
granza plástico negro sobre fondo blanco
pruebas extrusión perfil plástico reciclado para lámpara Fil
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