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Development of a system of highly resistant kraft-based drums for the transport of industrial merchandise
Joaquin Alberto, 2022

We have designed and developed a recyclable kraft base drum to address current material separation challenges while maintaining compliance with regulations. This project was commissioned by Joaquín Alberto, a company specializing in manufacturing kraft fiber drums for the safe transportation and storage of solid and semi-liquid products.

The starting point for this project was the 'Ballesta Drum,' measuring Ø460x840mm, featuring a stamped metal ring at the top and bottom ends, a bottom cardboard lid, a top PP lid, and a closure mechanism using galvanized steel springs. We applied an integrated CAD/CAE/LCA methodology to support decision-making, ensuring that the use of recycled material met both technical and environmental requirements.

The result of this project successfully eliminated the stamped metal rings and replaced them with a combination of a cardboard ring and two honeycomb panels, achieving the desired objectives.

bidon ecokraft.jpg
bidon ecokraft_16.jpg
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bidon ecokraft_2.jpg
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