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Asana, standing luminary
Estiluz, 2019

Three points of support as the basic unit of balance, iron tubes as native architecture, and multifunction as an inevitable vocation. Asana refers to yoga poses, which are characterized by form and balance.

The collection originates from the idea of movement and stillness. It involves the extension of arms in a sculptural lamp that can also fold down to its basic form, facilitating compact packaging for improved efficiency in shipping and transport.

As a project, it has been the result of an evolving design process. Countless iterations over two years of development, alongside the brand's technical team, have led to this luminaire that caters to the needs of the contract market. It aims to find its place in hotel lobbies and rooms, restaurants, or lounges, providing illumination while also serving as a small table or stand.

Material: Water-painted iron tube, PC, LED, and aluminum heatsink.

detalle mano clica boton encender lampara lineal de pie
hombre leer libro sentado butaca lampara de pie regulable ilumina fondo naranja
chica sentada puf observa lampara Asana esferas
Detalle de lampara de pie Asana con complemento mesita con libros
dos tipologias lampara de pie asana en espacio interior con sofa
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