We are design and science
for the transition to 
circular economy.

OiKo is a design office and materials consultancy firm focused on the transition towards circular economy. We design from the knowledge of the materials and the user’s perception to solve our realities and offer more competitives products for the companies, more sustainable for the planet and more emotional for the user.

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Why Oiko?

We combine both scientific rigour and creativity on the decision making.

We understand sustainability in design, as the study of the the environmental impact of both materials and energy, but also as a coherent response to the industrial, economical and brand needs.


With scientific rigor and creativity on the decision-making, we work on design and industrialization projects, new circular materials development, environmental consultancy and strategy.

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What we offer?

1) Materials




The materials research is the base of our work, articulated through 3 main lines: new materials design from waste, productive and perceptive characterization to maximize its applicability range and market performance, and the materials selection packs, sectorized to respond to the best range of options for specific needs.

2) Design




From the first product idea, until the final industrialization: going through the technical development, prototyping and testing. Aesthetics, emotion and functionality are a whole, channelled through its materiality. We give support both on a proposed briefing from the marketing department, and on technical tasks to industrialize complex products.

3) Environmental impact

Life cycle assessment

Corporate ecological footprint

Environmental communication

Beacause it is not enough to say you are “Eco”, you have to prove it. We use scientific methodologies of environmental assessment (LCA) and decision making validation, in order to always guarantee the most sustainable option, toxicologically suitable and energetically more efficient at product and organizational level.

4) Training and dissemination


Publicaciones editoriales

Cursos académicos

We work on brand positioning for those companies who bet for circular economy as a competitiveness factor and reinforcement of its values. From product strategy, marketing, communication and launching actions, we activate your product into the market and give support in the opening of new business lines.

We combine both scientific rigour and creativity on the decision making.
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We combine both scientific rigour and creativity on the decision making.
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