Cork stopper circularization
Barnacork, 2019

Cork is a very versatile material, it is always one of our choices in the selection process, but what about its waste? For us, an example of integrating circular economy and the common good through design.

While the main manufacturer of our country raised a business question: "we need to guarantee the supply of cork regardless of fluctuations in raw materials and we are thinking that recycling could be the solution", Lluis Morón, businessman and philanthropist, told us: "Do you think people without resources could make a living collecting all the corks that are thrown at restaurants?" From the answer to these two questions, a project with an ecological, social and design aspect was born.

The Aflote association has been set up to employ people without resources to collect cork plugs, in restaurants, hotels and other entities open to the public. In parallel, is has also been set up an installation to collect manufacturing waste, crushing of plug waste and particle resurfacing systems. With these sources, a new material is manufactured.