Bôbo, 2018

A fondue designed without technology that works with precision and millimeter control. The heat source has been developed to adjust its intensity and duration to the optimum temperature and time requirements. In addition, the set of vents and exterior counterform regulates the air intake and allows ON / OFF and temperature regulation.


Designed from the 5 senses to generate an experience that goes beyond the enjoyment of chocolate, beyond taste (1) and smell (2). The body is borosilicate glass to see (3) melting chocolate pearls and because it is the most hygienic, durable and temperature resistant material. Optimal for use and reuse. The base is made of cork to isolate the temperature and let you touch (4) the container safely. And most surprisingly, natural wax candles have a wooden wick that, when burning, generates a characteristic sound (5) that evokes the crackling of burning wood.


Materials: Borosilicate glass, chipboard cork and beeswax.