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Selection of sound-absorbing materials and industrialization for the new Stormbell
LAMP, 2020

Selection of 8 material alternatives for the manufacture of a sound-absorbing screen with minimal environmental impact and that meets the established design criteria.


The results are grouped in a Material Box with the physical samples, technical tables descriptive of properties, environmental impact and associated manufacturing methods.


Finally, the 3 most effective options have been developed and prototyped: medium-hard rPET felt, thermoformable hemp and molded recycled cork.

Material: rPET felt, hemp, recycled cork, expanded cork, PUR foam

lampara colgante Stormbell pantalla pet reciclado rPET negro
muestras materiales corcho fonoabsorbentes para lámpara
bodegón etapas material fibra cañamo proceso fabricación pantalla lámpara Stormbell
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