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Material do it yourself REZEPT(a)
SZ Magazine, 2020

When the German magazine SZ Magazin invited us to design a 'Do it Yourself' product, we knew right away that the project would focus on the material, and this material had to be made from waste commonly found in households.

And what are the most common household waste materials in German homes? Probably ground coffee and potato peels.

By recycling these waste materials and adding two ingredients (cornstarch and white glue), we have created a new material that can be molded into countless objects using any household item as a mold.

We suggest making a fruit bowl, a lamp, a coaster... but feel free to unleash your creativity and shape the material into whatever you desire!

Material: Coffee grounds, potato peels, cornstarch, and white glue.

revista SZ Magazin portada y página proyecto Rezept(a)
mesa taller con ingredientes para proceso desarrollo material residuos alimentos hogar
bol con fruta material DIY con residuos alimentos hogar
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