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Plier, stackable terrace chair
Gandía Blasco, 2022

Diabla, the freshest brand in the Gandía Blasco group, commissioned us to design a chair that could coexist with the rest of their catalog while showcasing the personality of our studio. With these guidelines, Plier was born with the intention of creating a lightweight, stackable, single-material, durable, and everyday chair that could be produced without the need for expensive molds or complex industrial processes.

In Plier, a series of thin aluminum slats, laser-cut and curved, continuously form the seat and backrest. This design transforms the slats from a flat surface into a comfortable embrace, contouring the body. Plier is essentially a metal origami exercise.

Its approach and aesthetics share many similarities with the popular Monobloc plastic chairs known for their affordability and comfort. Both chairs share common values: they are lightweight, stackable, durable, comfortable, and designed for everyday use. The simplicity of its aesthetic language also allows it to be used in indoor dining settings.

silla exterior apilable Plier color rosa fondo beige
silla exterior apilable Plier color rosa fondo beige
Chica sentada en silla Plier blanco con fondo neutro
conjunto sillas y mesas Plier rosa y blanco en espacio exterior
dos chicas levantan silla Plier rosa sobre fondo beige
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