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Designing materials based on post-consumer recycled plastic for bathroom accessories
Cosmic, 2022

We have collaborated with Cosmic and Ricard Ferrer, who is responsible for designing the collection, to develop a range of materials sourced from appliance waste and specially designed polystyrene packaging waste for use in bathroom products.

Creating materials for a delicate product category like bathroom accessories, especially for a high-end brand like Cosmic, required a comprehensive development process. This process included designing textures, considering the surface and sensory perception of the material, and addressing the purely technical aspects of material composition, industrial process adaptation, and securing a continuous supply of waste material tailored to the brand's requirements.

Once the material was designed and supply chains and production processes were established, we provided support in the product design phase by resolving technical manufacturing constraints to ensure the successful realization of the designs.

granza cosmic.JPG
detalle producto textura faceteado plástico reciclado color gris
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