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Line 1, linear pendant luminaire
Plussmi, 2019

A height-adjustable linear pendant luminaire made of recycled aluminum and cork in which both materials maximize their properties in terms of function and performance. This is how we define the lamp we designed for +MI.

The design starts from the inside and works its way out. We begin with the basic unit of light, which is an LED strip mounted on an aluminum heat sink profile. The body expands with an aluminum housing closed by two cork pieces made from recycled corks from champagne and wine bottles. These two end pieces serve a dual function: as decorative elements and aesthetic details, as well as tools for the assembly of the whole structure during manufacturing. Continuing with cork, its non-slip and elastic properties are utilized to act as cable regulators, allowing the suspension cables to be lengthened or shortened, adjusting to specific needs through a geometric arrangement of triangles.

Material: Recycled aluminum and cork.

lampara colgante lineal corcho
boceto mecanismo ajuste altura lampara lineal
detalle lampara colgante lineal
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