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Hook, battery-free portable light
Faro, 2017

Hook is a hook lamp designed to adapt and hang from almost anything in its path. Like old portable workshop lamps, Hook aims to be a super-lamp and fulfill all your home lighting needs on its own. It can be a table lamp, a torch, or a pendant lamp, and thanks to its accessories, it can become a wall lamp, a magazine rack, or a shelf.

Its 5-meter-long cable, easily coiled around the lamp's body, allows Hook to reach everywhere, from the bedside table to the bookshelf, from the closet rod to the wall mirror. But Hook is much more than what meets the eye. We asked for a free hand to make the most sustainable product possible in its category, and we achieved it: casings made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, made in Spain, PVC-free cables, assembled by people at risk of social exclusion.

Materials: Recycled plastic from post-consumer bottle caps.

lampara hook portatil beige encendida sujetada por persona
bodegon dos lamparas Hook portatil encendidas sobre bloque rectangular marron
mano sostiene lampara portatil hook con eslogan this is recycled en rojo
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