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Devuelta08, modular street furniture program
MINI Award, 2022

The MINI Award is the design competition within the Madrid Design Festival where a committee of experts selects the most interesting proposals to be evaluated by the organization's proposed jury. A committee consisting of professionals like Sole Lorenzo, Pilar Marcos, or Isabel Roig has selected us to participate in the 2022 edition. After evaluating the various candidates, the jury considered us finalists.

Devuelta 08 is a program of modular urban equipment that is adaptable and made from Aluthylene, the material based on aluminum and recycled plastic from non-recyclable Tetrapak waste that we developed at OiKo. In terms of design, it is based on breaking the archetype of benches, trash bins, and tree pits to rethink the architecture of the most common types of urban equipment adapted to the properties of the material. A new material should drive new forms and ways of constructing products, and we presented the proposal based on this principle. Starting from the mechanical study of the material and the generation of a finite element simulation model, we have created guidelines that allow for different styles and designs. Devuelta 08 is not a single design but a platform to promote urban design with formal freedom and a diversity of styles.

banco y basura de plástico reciclado
manos colocando pieza prototipo a escala banco mobiliario urbano
ficha descripción producto papelera Devuelta08 plástico reciclado
ficha descripción producto banco Devuelta08 plástico reciclado
maqueta configuración urbana sistema modular bancos Devuelta08
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