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Ice tray for 6 bottles
Ramon Bilbao, 2021

As part of a strategy to showcase sustainability efforts in the wine industry, a consortium of leading companies commissioned us to design a point-of-sale product that could effectively communicate their commitment to sustainability without the need for a specific marketing campaign.

The most common point-of-sale product in restaurant settings is the 6-bottle wine cooler. Considering that one of the most identifiable materials associated with wine production is cork, which is also one of the most generated wine-related waste materials, we proposed incorporating recycled cork sourced from the wineries themselves. This approach not only added a communicative value to the product but also improved its functionality. Recycled cork enhances the cooler's insulation, thus extending the lifespan of the ice inside.

Throughout the rematerialization process, we reimagined the product's form to improve its aesthetics, aligning it with the quality of the wines it would accompany. Initially, the interior component was made from post-consumer recycled plastic available on the market. In a subsequent phase, we began introducing polyethylene corks, a material commonly used in the industry, although of slightly lower quality than natural cork.

cubitera para seis botellas corcho reciclado y plastico reciclado Ramon Bilbao
bodegon procedencia materiales tapones corcho botellas HDPE para diseño partes cubitera Ramon Bilbao
detalle dos cubiteras blanco y negro con botellas vino
cubitera de corcho con seis botellas dentro
detalle aplicacion grafica logo Ramon Bilbao sobre parte plástico cubitera
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