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Classwiz Pack
Casio, 2018

The redesign of the packaging for the most widely used calculator model was driven by the goal of reducing waste by making the packaging reusable, avoiding unnecessary materials. It also needed to meet commercial needs in terms of corporate branding and point-of-sale display.

The proposed packaging consists of a rigid, transparent PP (polypropylene) box with a hinge that can be reused as a multi-purpose case. It is paired with a cardboard sleeve that incorporates brand graphics and product usage specifications.

This approach results in reusable and recyclable packaging that enhances the user experience while improving the product's aesthetics, visibility, and differentiation on the shelf. It aligns with the brand's values and quality expectations.

Materials: Polypropylene and cardboard.

calculadora casio con packaging plástico classwiz pack
packaging antiguo calculadora classwiz pack
bodegon rediseño packaging Classwiz Pack
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