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Mechanical characterization of recycled plastics
Internal R&D, 2020

One of the primary focuses of OiKo's internal R&D efforts is open-loop recycled plastics. Open-loop recycled plastics, those whose format differs significantly from their virgin originals once recycled, should be considered as new materials. Consequently, they possess new and distinct properties. Therefore, the first step in their proper application is to understand their characteristics from a technical standpoint.

We have characterized various material fractions derived from plastic waste with varying degrees of source separation and associated manufacturing processes. These are classified based on their homogeneity:

  1. HDPE derived from blow-molded containers with label and cap content.

  2. Polyolefin blend (70% PE, 30% PP) from containers separated by flotation.

  3. Mixed plastic without separation (70% PP, 15% PS, 15% various proportions of PET, aluminum, and cardboard).

Based on the obtained results, a set of recommendations will be generated for their application, including the range of materials that can be substituted with these recycled plastics.

detalle rotura probeta ensayo tracción plástico reciclado
imágen microscopio detalle fractura probeta plástico reciclado
maquina ensayo flexión con ordenador mostrando resultados gráfica tensión-deformación
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