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Development of a recycled material based on tetrapak waste
Internal R&D, 2022

In Spain, over 5 billion Tetra Pak containers are consumed annually. These containers consist of cardboard and a blend of LDPE and aluminum, with only a small portion of the cardboard being recycled while the rest ends up in landfills or incineration. As part of OiKo's internal R&D processes, we have developed an effective and economically viable method for recycling the LDPE-Aluminum fraction into a moldable and highly durable material called Aluthylene®.

The developed material can be recycled back into Aluthylene, and in the future, through tertiary recycling technologies that may not be economically viable today, it could potentially be broken down into its raw materials: LDPE and Aluminum. This innovation represents a significant step towards reducing waste and promoting sustainability in packaging materials.

residuo basura procedente tetrapack  sobre fondo blanco
detalle textura material reciclado residuo tretrapack color negro
bodegón etapas fabricación Aluthyleno plástico reciclado residuo tetrapack
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