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Comparative evaluation of plastic-based materials for seating design
Lievore + Altherr Desile Park, 2020

Jeannette Altherr, founder of the Lievore+Altherr Desile Park design studio and art director at Arper, inquired about the most sustainable type of plastic for manufacturing a chair—bioplastics, recycled plastics, or recyclable plastics?

The most objective solution was provided through a comparative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in which we quantified numerous environmental impacts, such as carbon footprint, resource consumption, toxicity, and water impacts, for plastic materials used in seating, including talc-reinforced PP, recycled plastics, and bioplastics like polylactic acid and microbial polyesters.

2 muestras rectangular material bioplástico
pellets bioplástico color negro
pellets bioplástico color beige
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