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Strategic environmental assessment of materials, packaging and logistics in toothbrushes
Dentaid, 2022

We have accompanied Dentaid, the leading oral health company in Spain, in the environmental evaluation through life cycle analysis of the behavior of the different models of the brand's toothbrushes. Different alternatives of conventional, recycled and bio-based materials have been evaluated to establish the scientific bases for decision-making. The current state, short, medium and long term alternatives have been taken into account. The study has been extended to the analysis of the different packaging models and the proposal of more circular solutions and the valuation of logistics in the different markets of the company. 

operador gestion almacen packaging Dentaig


Develop a recycled technical plastic for injection, with the special requirement of being additive with flame retardant

cepillos dientes lila amarillo naranja con tapón sobre fondo blanco
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