Ecodesign Trophy
Agència de Residus de Catalunya, 2017

The 'Premi Catalunya d'Ecodisseny 2017' recognizes the products, projects and strategies designed, manufactured or executed from Catalonia that aim to improve the environmental performance of the products throughout their life cycle.


The design is an adaptation of the trophy model presented at the VII Waste Prevention Awards. The same geometry and pieces have been preserved and the stability of the trophy has been improved with a base where prize information is also incorporated.


The trophies are manufactured with low environmental impact materials, recycled and/or renewable and non-toxic, such as the esparto fiber plaster, which deepens the idea of ​​connection with nature and tradition. The inner ring is made of iron - the most recycled material - water based painted. The inner circle is made of recycled plastic mix from packaging waste.


Materials: Plaster, esparto fiber, plastic mix and iron.